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Diggin It Excavation offers various services to the construction industry. We have a skilled team, advanced equipment, and prioritize safety, efficiency, and quality.

The services include land clearing, foundation excavation, trenching, and more for all sizes of projects from small residential to large commercial development.

Diggin It Excavation promises timely and satisfactory completion within budget and maintains a good reputation in the industry.

Road works construction site


Diggin It Excavation trenching services encompass underground trenches for installing or accessing utilities like water pipes, gas lines, and electrical cables.

Our excavators and backhoes get the job done right the first time.

Excavator at house construction site - digging foundations for modern house


Driveway excavation removes the soil or other materials to prepare for a driveway or paving surface installation.

At Diggin It Excavation, we make sure the process excavating and grading is done correctly, ensuring proper water drainage. 



Culverts are structures that allow water to flow under infrastructure. They require careful planning to handle water volume and to withstand the weight of overlying structures.

We build culverts using a variety of materials like concrete and steel.

Construction involves excavation, placement of base layer, and installation of culvert. Proper drainage and venting are necessary to prevent damage.

After backfilling and compacting, the overlying structure is built with safety and traffic flow in mind.

excavator digs a foundation pit for a new house

Backhoe Services

Diggin It Excavation offers backhoe services for various digging, earth-moving, demolition, and excavation tasks.

We can excavate and moves materials like dirt, rocks, and debris, anything that your project requires.

Backhoe services are essential for various projects, including landscaping, pool installations, road construction, trenching for pipelines and utilities, foundation excavation for buildings, and demolition of structures and concrete. It streamlines work, reduces labor, and saves time in modern construction and excavation projects.

mechanical digger seen from above removing turf in front yard, garden for landscaping with artifical grass.

Site Prep

Site preparation involves clearing the land, grading and leveling the ground, installing utilities and drainage systems to ensure a safe foundation for building.

The first step is clearing the land of debris for the building or structure location. Utilities such as water, electricity, and gas may be installed, followed by drainage systems to prevent water buildup around the foundation.

Proper site preparation saves time and costs later on by ensuring a solid start to construction, while meeting regulatory and environmental requirements.